The world of business
has evolved have you?
Become a mindful
and sustainable leader
Learn effective cross-cultural
communication for globalsuccess

Better Leaders

Talent Development
Development of top talent into role models and strong, charismatic leaders capable of leading their companies towards success in the increasingly complex and challenging global economy.

Better Workplace

Culture, People, Technology
Insight into communication patterns across cultures, understanding of cultural dimensions and values for more productive in-person and virtual interactions with international partners.

Better Skills

Global Workplace Skills
Comprehensive set of soft skills and communication tactics for more productive business interactions and real influence on people. Advanced skills for success in the 21st century global workplace.


Welcome to New Global Elite

New global elite is about responsibility, sustainability, being a role model and living the life of integrity.
New elite means challenging status quo and finding solutions where others find excuses. It means showing the way in changing times. It means leadership based on trust and respect.
It is being and doing your best. Always.
It is living a good life and making sure that others do, too. It is creating a better place for everyone.
It is about having clear values and leading others by communicating with them effectively.

Please join us in making this world a better, fairer and more sustainable place.

Be the elite


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What we do

People Development
Providing solutions and assistance on your way to success.
Taking your skills to the global level.
Cultural audit. Developing strategies to promote successful teamwork across the multicultural workplace.