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Coaching for women – Build your professional superpowers

During my fifteen years as a business owner and four years of corporate experience I have learnt what it takes to be taken seriously and to be treated with respect. What I have also learnt is that women often don’t have the skills or the right mindset, and sometimes we sabotage ourselves on the way to the life and the career that we want. I hope...
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Daimler’s costly case for cultural (in)sensitivity

In all my meetings last week, everybody wanted to talk about this story: The German carmaker Daimler publicly apologized on Tuesday after its Mercedes-Benz brand caused an outcry in China by quoting the Dalai Lama in their Instagram post. Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet and a Peace Nobel Prize laureate is greatly respected in the West, but in China he is considered a political...
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Book recommendations for 2018

New Year is always a time of resolutions and one of them is often to learn something new  to read more. Below is a list of 12 books for the next 12 months ahead. I have read them all and I hope that you will find something for yourself in this mix. Whether you read them all, a few, or even only one, enjoy them...
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2015 Wrap-up

Happy New Year 2016! May it be a wonderful, peaceful, productive and prosperous year for all of us! It is hard to believe that another year has passed and a new year is here already.  During the last year I worked closely with my Clients to help them achieve their goals both for their professional development and for the success of their international projects. Together we overcame barriers,...
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