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Book recommendations for 2018

New Year is always a time of resolutions and one of them is often to learn something new  to read more. Below is a list of 12 books for the next 12 months ahead. I have read them all and I hope that you will find something for yourself in this mix. Whether you read them all, a few, or even only one, enjoy them...
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Differences in cultural values impact your business

I was recently invited to speak at my local business club about the impact of culture on business. Because I work in Germany the focus of my presentation was “Working with Germans: Why the World is impressed and stressed by the Germans”. If you are interested in receiving a copy of my presentation, please let me know. My main message was this: As the world is globalising and we all...
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Four rules for effective communication in global workplace

Being able to communicate with clarity and precision is in great demand these days. Our world has become loud, hectic and impatient and only those of us who are good communicators are able to cut through with their messages. This situation gets complicated by the fact that we live and work in a rapidly globalising world where business communication flows in English. And even though...
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