BODE Chemie GmbH: one of Europe’s leading suppliers in the fields of disinfection, cleaning, skin care and skin antisepsis. Since 2009, BODE has been a wholly owned subsidiary of PAUL HARTMANN AG

Since September 2008, I have provided trainings, coaching and consulting to BODE employees representing all departments and all hierarchy levels. I have been running long-term courses and specialized trainings in business communication and global workplace skills. I supported BODE’s cultural transformation during and after its acquisition by PAUL HARTMANN AG.
Together with BODE’s Managing Director I created a high-impact, custom-made development program for the management team and the key experts to elevate the set of skills to a world-class level and to promote global mentality. I have been also coaching BODE’s top talent to assist these individuals in their rapid development and to help them master challenges of their expanding roles and functions.
During my 10 years working with BODE I have supported multiple international projects, including negotiations with the suppliers in the USA and Denmark, communication with regulatory authorities in Europe and around the world, market entry initiatives in Asia, several marketing campaigns and two FDA audits.

  • Dr. Klaus Ruhnau
    Izabela has been working as a business communication expert for BODE Chemie GmbH in Hamburg, Germany since September 2008. The objective was to develop and implement People Development Programs and Global Language Strategy, elevate employees’ existing skills portfolio and assist with cultural transformation during BODE’s acquisition by HARTMANN, a large global corporation.
    I have worked with her since April 2014 when I became the Managing Director of BODE and I know her abilities and her working attitude well…

  • Cristina Miranda Zerr
    Without Izabela, I would not be as successful as I am in my current executive position. Her coaching has helped me to be more self-confident and assertive and to skillfully navigate difficult situations and conversations. Izabela always has the right words at the right time and her advice has always been very helpful…