A leading global manufacturer of adhesive tape represented in over 100 countries, and a wholly owned affiliate of Beiersdorf AG.

tesa plant Hamburg, and later tesa SE, have been my clients since 2008. I supported tesa’s investments in Suzhou, China and in Sparta, USA by working directly with the Project Leader as a cross-cultural communication consultant and trainer. My work included raising cross-cultural awareness, preventing and solving cultural conflict and misunderstandings, and trainings for key project members. The project in Suzhou demanded highly skilled interventions as we were navigating both cultural and politically sensitive situations (German investor and Taiwanese supplier building a high-tech plant in China). This very complex and challenging project was finished on time and under budget due to great project leadership and outstanding teamwork, but also due to the cultural sensitivity and empathy.
Within the Sparta project I assisted the German manager who took on the leading position in the Sparta plant.

During my 10 years with tesa I have also delivered long-term trainings and courses in cross-cultural communication and emotional intelligence to employees from several departments including,production, SCM, complaints, HR and engineering.

  • Ralf Hirsch
    As the Director of Engineering at tesa SE I run international projects and I work with multinational teams on daily basis. When I started leading international projects I realised that I was going to need first class training and reliable support in intercultural business communication and international leadership. I hired the best expert in this field I could find in February 2008 and I have been working with her ever since…

  • Jens Sulzbacher
    In our three years of working together, Izabela has helped me to gain a better understanding of myself and other people and she showed me my strengths and weaknesses I wasn’t aware of before. She helped me remove the roadblocks which were hindering my progress and she motivated me to improve every day, to self-reflect and to be more open to feedback. Her support was the best thing that could happen to me because working with her gave me clarity about myself, and this self-awareness led to increased emotional intelligence, better decision making, stronger communication, and healthier relationships. I recommend Izabela to anyone who needs a coach to help them work on their personal brand, communication skills, leadership skills or soft skills.