Coaching for women – Build your professional superpowers

Coaching for women – Build your professional superpowers

During my fifteen years as a business owner and four years of corporate experience I have learnt what it takes to be taken seriously and to be treated with respect. What I have also learnt is that women often don’t have the skills or the right mindset, and sometimes we sabotage ourselves on the way to the life and the career that we want.
I hope that I can help change this.
I have turned my business and life experience into a coaching and training program to help other women overcome their internal and external barriers to their success.

Top 7 Challenges Women Have

  1. Being taken seriously
  2. Avoiding confrontation,  giving and receiving critical feedback
  3. Stories in your head: self-sabotage, self-criticism, self-doubt
  4. Speaking with confidence in front of a group
  5. Dressing for professional success
  6. Assertive communication and setting clear limits
  7. Keeping self-control under pressure

Can you relate? – If you do, would you like to:

  • Learn how to be more confident and stop beating yourself up for every mistake?
  • Be taken seriously when you speak?
  • Understand how women sabotage their success with their appearance, voice and behavior and make sure you don’t?
  • Learn how to handle conflict more effectively?
  • Make strong impact at work with better public speaking skills?
  • Learn how to create a strong and authentic personal brand?

I believe I can help you unlock your full potential, improve your relationships, silence your internal critic and to build the skills set which will help you create success on your own terms.

I look forward to working with you!

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