Izabela has been working as a business communication expert for BODE Chemie GmbH in Hamburg, Germany since September 2008. The objective was to develop and implement  People Development Programs and Global Language Strategy, elevate employees’ existing skills portfolio and assist with cultural transformation during BODE’s acquisition by HARTMANN, a large global corporation.
I have worked with her since April 2014 when I became the Managing Director of BODE  and I know her abilities and her working attitude well. (more…)

Dr. Klaus Ruhnau, Managing Director at BODE Chemie GmbH



I met Izabela during her studies at Harvard University. During our engagement then, and continued discussions over the past year, I have found her to be highly intellectual with an amazing knowledge of business communications and leadership. We speak quite often regarding her research and its application to leaders in both the public and private sector. She would be of great assistance to both individuals and organizations in improving their communications.

Neal Duckworth, Senior Director at Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education



Izabela is an extremely talented person, one that I am fortunate to have in my network of colleagues and friends. We met at Harvard during a negotiations class and have stayed in touch ever since. As a global business communicator, she is very conscientious and does as much as she can to ensure her clients are getting the most from their investment in her. She shows great initiative and always follows through. I highly recommend Izabela and know she will succeed in whatever she puts her mind to doing.

Bob Van Wicklin, Military Intelligence Officer, Federal Government Professional, Philanthropy and Higher Education Administrator



As the Director of Engineering at tesa SE I run international projects and I work with multinational teams on daily basis.  When I started leading international projects I realised that I was going to need first class training and reliable support in intercultural business communication and international leadership. I hired the best expert in this field I could find in February 2008 and I have been working with her ever since. (more…)

Ralf Hirsch, Director of Engineering, tesa SE