Coaching for women – Build your professional superpowers

Coaching for women – Build your professional superpowers

Top 7 Challenges Women Have

  1. Being taken seriously
  2. Avoiding confrontation,  giving and receiving critical feedback
  3. Stories in your head: self-sabotage, self-criticism, self-doubt
  4. Speaking with confidence in front of a group
  5. Dressing for professional success
  6. Assertive communication and setting clear limits
  7. Keeping self-control under pressure

Can you relate? – If you do, would you like to:

  • Learn how to be more confident and stop beating yourself up for every mistake?
  • Be taken seriously when you speak?
  • Understand how women sabotage their success with their appearance, voice and behavior and make sure you don’t? 
  • Learn how to handle conflict more effectively?
  • Make strong impact at work with better public speaking skills?
  • Learn how to create a strong and authentic personal brand?

I believe I can help you unlock your full potential, improve your relationships, silence your internal critic and to build the skills set which will help you create success on your own terms.

I look forward to working with you!

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