Meet Dustin Mühe: a natural leader, lynchpin, lateral-thinker and a role model for the New Global Elite.

He understands that now is the right time to redefine the way we do and manage business  in order to create a healthier and more responsible world. A life-time learner with an inquisitive mind, Dustin never stops asking questions and searching for answers. He thrives on challenge and is committed to doing, and being, the best he can.

As part of his quest to develop the intercultural awareness and skills necessary for a leader in the rapidly globalising world, Dustin has set out on a a 2-year trip around the world in 2014. Upon his return he joined a social food startup, building up the business development and heading & coaching a team of up to 16 employees. He recently switched roles and is now specialising an consulting in the field of sustainability and social impact.