About New Global Elite

The concept of New Global Elite was born from observation of complex demands which my clients face as leaders and individuals in the ever-changing environment of multinational projects, and from the conviction that I can offer solutions to their challenges.

As my clients are increasing their operations on the global market, at the same time there seems to be an alarming shortage of international communication and cross-cultural skills in the teams to effectively engage international partners and to win their timely and effective cooperation.

It can be safely assumed that the volume and complexity of international communication will steadily increase.  My goal is therefore to offer solutions which will solve the most urgent communication problems  and which will strengthen my clients’ reputation as reliable partners on the international arena.

The mission of the New Global Elite and the way I design my services is to help my clients to enhance their business through improving their cultural awareness and communication skills. It is also to to help identify and support the new type of mindful leaders and help them to run a more community- and planet-friendly business.

I also want to encourage women to be more active in business and to tap into their potential to change the way that business is done around the world.

What we do

Providing solutions and assistance on your way to success.
Taking your skills to the global level.
Cultural Audit. Developing strategies to promote successful teamwork across the multicultural workplace.

the team

  • Izabela Lusinska
    Meet Izabela, the owner of New Global Elite. Izabela is a holistic business communication expert with over...
  • Dustin Mühe
    Meet Dustin Mühe: a natural leader, lynchpin, lateral-thinker and a role model for the New Global Elite....
  • John Romero
    Meet John Romero, a UK-based partner. John has an extensive business and linguistic experience. For many years,...


New Global Elite supports girls’ rights and education through Plan International.
Because we believe that all girls deserve equal opportunities, worldwide.

New Global Elite is a proud sponsor of Jablkowski Sailing Team, 46th in World Match Race Rankings.
Because we believe in supporting talent.