Without Izabela, I would not be as successful as I am in my current executive position. Her coaching has helped me to be more self-confident and assertive and to skillfully navigate difficult situations and conversations. Izabela always has the right words at the right time and her advice has always been very helpful.

As my personal and career coach, she skillfully triggers the points crucial for my self-reflection. She has guided me through tough and difficult moments and she has helped me to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs hindering my success.
In addition, I’ve known Izabela as a trainer for cross-cultural communication and global workplace skills. With her support, I saw colleagues from different departments and backgrounds bond and evolve as a group with a dynamic drive to learn skills necessary to the success of an international company. This group stands out like a lighthouse and is sought out by other colleagues for advice on issues concerning doing business with other cultures. Izabela’s Global Workplace Skills program has made a significant organic impact on our culture and has turned my colleagues into ambassadors for higher standards and advocates of a global mindset. These are unquestionable assets for a company operating globally.
I highly recommend Izabela to individuals who seek a dedicated coach to support their personal and career development, and as a trainer to companies in need of cultural transformation and who want to elevate their skills portfolio to a level necessary to compete in the multi-cultural business world.

Cristina Miranda Zerr, Head of Communication, BODE Chemie, HARTMANN GROUP