Izabela has been working as a business communication expert for BODE Chemie GmbH in Hamburg, Germany since September 2008. The objective was to develop and implement  People Development Programs and Global Language Strategy, elevate employees’ existing skills portfolio and assist with cultural transformation during BODE’s acquisition by HARTMANN, a large global corporation.
I have worked with her since April 2014 when I became the Managing Director of BODE  and I know her abilities and her working attitude well.
Izabela’s work has been focused on three major topics:

  • Development of the Global Workplace Skills Program and Language Strategy and their integration into existing organizational and individual development programs.
  • Specific recommendations for implementation of the entire process:
    • Speak global language
    • Develop a global mindset
    • Elevate existing set of skills to global workplace skills
    • Create culture of constant growth & development
  • Implementation of the programs and continuous review of the specific and individual development achievements.

Izabela’s profound academic knowledge combined with excellent interpersonal education  and coaching skills served her well in a challenging and very difficult environment of a  company acquisition. Izabela’s tenacity, skills and remarkable sensitivity in dealing with  people on a professional as well as personal level have been major assets in achieving her  objectives. She takes intelligent and well-considered decisions. Her recommendations  have always been highly respected.
While she was implementing the Global Workplace Skills Program she was under my  personal supervision. The outcome of the comprehensive coaching and the development  program exceeded my expectations.
I highly recommend Izabela to any company looking for a talented and capable  communication expert and consultant to assist with development of global workplace  skills and to support with change management and cultural transformation.

Dr. Klaus Ruhnau, Managing Director at BODE Chemie GmbH