As the Director of Engineering at tesa SE I run international projects and I work with multinational teams on daily basis.  When I started leading international projects I realised that I was going to need first class training and reliable support in intercultural business communication and international leadership. I hired the best expert in this field I could find in February 2008 and I have been working with her ever since.

Izabela has earned my highest respect and my trust by supporting me with great success in all my multi-million Euro projects in Asia. Over the years she has accumulated extensive knowledge of our industry and I know that her advice is always tailored to my style of leadership and to our goals. She helps me to ensure timely results and the best cooperation in my teams and to navigate the tricky multinational projects by alerting me to potential difficulties. She makes sure that I avoid typical mistakes by constantly teaching me about the cultures of my team members and about the best ways to lead and motivate them. Her intuition in sensing problems and her careful guidance in avoiding them have been a great asset in our projects, saving us a lot of energy and time.

She is sometimes painfully honest and she regularly challenges my assumptions and pushes me out of my comfort zone. But I have learnt over the years that following her guidance usually pays huge dividends in terms of leadership currency, great teamwork and practical results. She is impressively skilled and experienced. She keeps taking courses at Harvard to make sure that her own skills, knowledge and training methods are always cutting-edge. She constantly modifies the training to keep it motivating, up-to-date and interesting and with every session there is an important take-away.

She is always professional and completely focused on helping me deal with the substantial challenges which multinational projects and teams bring.   I highly recommend Izabela to anyone who is interested in improving their communication, language and leadership skills, especially if they have to work in international projects and with multinational teams.

Ralf Hirsch, Director of Engineering, tesa SE