2015 Wrap-up

2015 Wrap-up

Happy New Year 2016!

May it be a wonderful, peaceful, productive and prosperous year for all of us!

It is hard to believe that another year has passed and a new year is here already.  During the last year I worked closely with my Clients to help them achieve their goals both for their professional development and for the success of their international projects. Together we overcame barriers, solved problems, built strong relationships and raised serious social capital necessary for their continuing success.

The most important topics for my Clients last year were global workplace skills, charisma development, company culture shifts, empathy and cultural fluency. These areas of development align perfectly with their needs, which include better leadership skills, international project management and constant self-development. Many of my clients appreciated the fact that as their lives and careers change and conditions around them evolve, coaching and consulting is important to reconsider, regroup and recalibrate on their way to success.

There were some other interesting and important milestones in 2015.

In May my husband and I celebrated 20 years together. Many people asked us what is the secret to such successful and long-lasting relationship and we both identified three things: love (of course;-)), patience and great communication skills (! :-)) We have both worked very hard every day applying these skills to keep our marriage healthy and happy.

In August one of my oldest and biggest clients completed their project in Suzhou, China, and thanks to the project leaders I was able to visit the new factory. Taking advantage of this trip I also spent  a week in Shanghai, learning as much about the culture and the way of doing business in China as possible.


In September my husband’s alma mater, The Gdansk University of Technology celebrated 70 years of its Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology department and we went to participate in the celebrations. As this is one of the most prominent shipbuilding schools in the world, the alumni came from even exotic places like Vietnam and Brazil. I was one of very few women who attended, but it wasn’t about the quantity but rather about the quality:-) I was very fortunate to be introduced to a remarkable woman: Krystyna Chojnowska-Liskiewicz, the first woman who sailed solo around the world from February 1976 – April 1978

Version 3

Her personality and achievement deserve a separate blog, so I will write about this amazing lady later.

Moving on to November, I was invited to speak at the local Business Club about the impact of culture in global business. I gave a very successful talk “Germans in global business: Why the world is impressed and stressed by the Germans”.

Business Club presentation

Then finally in December we took a well deserved break to celebrate the end of the year in Dubai.

And as I am looking forward to a strong 2016 I say thank you to my Clients for a great 2015 and for the opportunity to grow and develop with you,  and I’m sending you all my best New Year’s wishes,



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