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Leadership Coaching and Skills Development for managers and executives who want to become effective, confident and engaging leaders.


Resources for 21st Century Leaders

An e-guide with hand-picked resources to help leaders expand their horizons, build awareness and learn soft skills necessary to thrive in 21st century workplace.


Leadership + Skills Development

Managers are the Nr. 1 factor in employee (dis)engagement (70%-83%). Globally, 75 % employees are disengaged at work*, costing the economy billions of dollars each year. That’s why we help managers transform into engaging, effective leaders who bring the best in their people. *Gallup 2021

Leadership Development

Step into your unique leadership style, maximize your influence and lead your teams with authority and confidence.

Skills Development

Develop the skills and abilities required to be an effective leader in the post-COVID world.
Not sure whether you need coaching or trainings? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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Our clients learn to lead with humanity first, to inspire and motivate others and to create working environment where people are fulfilled, empowered and fully engaged.
New Global Elite is a training and coaching provider and an experienced partner for companies and leaders who want to develop cutting-edge skills, and create workplaces and cultures that attract and keep the best talent.


We offer science-based leadership development programs and soft skills trainings supported by targeted coaching. Our solutions are always tailored to your organization’s, and your top talent’s goals and needs.

Online Program

Join the Respected Leader Program

A program where you will learn the most important skills and mindset that will set you apart from the crowd as a charismatic, powerful, and respected leader.

“The results are amazing! I found common language with Izabela very quickly. Her no-nonsense feedback quickly helped me realize where my blind spots were and where some of my leadership struggles were coming from. It is not something I could have seen myself. And as painful it was to hear some things about myself, without that I would have had little chance to change and improve.”

Slawek Ratajewski Managing Director, Cargo Desk Oldendorff Carriers, Lübeck

“Working with Izabela was an incredibly rewarding and expanding experience for me. In the four months that we worked together I learned how to be more confident at work and how to stand up for myself. As a woman in a predominantly male industry I had to learn to be more assertive and self-promoting and Izabela helped me push through my resistance and learn these critical skills.”

Barbara Behtash IT Specialist

“Be prepared to be challenged, but be prepared for results, too! Izabela is an amazing executive coach who first focused on holistically understanding who I am as a person and as a professional, and what my goals are, and then helped me keep a steady course to achieve them in alignment with my values. Working with Izabela was very beneficial to my development and enhancing my leadership skills. I absolutely recommend Izabela as an executive coach!”

Jacek Kubas Associate Director at EBRD, London

“If you have an aspiration to grow and to step up into new challenges as a leader, coaching with Izabela is a great opportunity to learn about yourself and to master the necessary skills.”

Dominika Bak-Majka Senior Operations Manager at Amazon

“Her support was the best thing that could happen to me because working with her gave me clarity about myself, and this self-awareness led to increased emotional intelligence, better decision making, stronger communication, and healthier relationships. I recommend Izabela to anyone who needs a coach who will help them work on their personal brand, communication skills, leadership skills or soft skills.”

Jens Sulzbacher Manager, tesa Werk Hamburg GmbH

“I strongly recommend Izabela’s trainings and coaching to everybody who is willing to develop and grow within their role, and for companies who know that it is the people and their attitudes that make the difference to the success of any business. Working with Izabela can help them make this difference.”

Christian Eckardt Senior Product Manager, BODE Chemie GmbH

“I highly recommend Izabela to individuals who seek a dedicated coach to support their personal and career development, and as a trainer to companies in need of cultural transformation and who want to elevate their skills portfolio to a level necessary to compete in the multi-cultural business world.”

Cristina Miranda Zerr Former Head of Communication, BODE Chemie, HARTMANN GROUP

“I highly recommend Izabela to any company looking for a talented and capable communication expert and consultant to assist with development of leadership skills and to support with change management and cultural transformation.”

Dr. Klaus Ruhnau Former Managing Director at BODE Chemie GmbH

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Access our powerful resources with practical, actionable tips to accelerate your leadership success

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Hi, I’m Izabela.

Your trainer and coach.

I am a leadership development expert and an executive coach with over 14000 hours of skills training, coaching, consulting and global project support.

I have 16 years of experience in coaching and training leaders and teams of globally operating companies.

I will help you lead with confidence, communicate clearly, build trust and learn skills necessary to help your team thrive in the 21st century workplace.


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Effective Virtual Presence and Successful Virtual Presenting

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