I’m Izabela, your trainer and coach.

I am a leadership and people development coach and business communication expert with over 13000 hours of skills training, coaching, teaching, real-time consulting and project support.

I have 15 years of experience in assisting and training leaders and teams of globally operating companies.


My business experience

My business experience includes working at the multinational companies Ernst & Young and Intergraph as an employee, and over a decade working as a freelancer with chemical companies such as Beiersdorf/tesa, and BODE Chemie.  I also have 10 years of experience working with JENOPTIK, an optoelectronics engineering company where I supported teams within the security and defense, and aviation technology.  The biggest multi-million project I supported as a cross-cultural consultant and trainer was the outfitting of the tesa plant in Suzhou, China. I supported the Project Leader in coordinating the teamwork between the German, Chinese and Taiwanese engineers and I was responsible for the successful communication of the Project Leader with the teams and the Taiwanese supplier.

My passions and my specialty areas

I believe that communication skills are the most important of all professional skills. The research backs me up: data shows that all other things being equal, it’s the communication skills, not the technical skills, that make or break professional success on all levels. That’s why many of my trainings are about communication, whether its’ public speaking, cross-cultural communication, feedback skills, executive communication or assertive skills.
Good leadership can motivate us and bring out our best. Bad leaders do the opposite.
It is the quality of leadership that shapes the climate and the conditions in which we all work. They role model the values which then shape the culture of our workplaces. The leaders are people who have the biggest impact as individuals. With my trainings and coaching I want to offer them an honest look in the “reality mirror” to help them find their best leadership style and understand themselves and their people better.
Cross-cultural competencies lead to higher profit, innovative teams, and less conflict. It has been named one of the 10 most important future work skills 2020 by the Institute for the Future.
As an expat and an immigrant with two nationalities, three working languages and experience of living and working in three countries on two continents so far (my native Poland, the USA and now Germany) I have personally experienced the impact of the cultural shock and the importance of cultural adaptation and skills. Over the years I’ve learnt what professor Andy Molinsky describes as “global dexterity”.
My goal is to share what I know with as many international teams as possible to increase their effectiveness and to reduce time- and money-consuming conflicts.
I want all women to be empowered, well-informed, fulfilled at work and living life on their own terms.
That’s why my special passion is in developing women, especially within the leadership roles. My trainings and coaching are focused on building their confidence, skills and networks so that they can realize their most daring ambitions. 
With this in mind, in 2018 I developed a coaching and training program dedicated to women called “Build Your Professional Superpowers“. It addresses the top 7 challenges that women face at work and teaches skills and mindset necessary to solve them.
I support the charity Plan International, especially initiatives for girls education. I also offer discounts for women coming back from the family break and those who are in job transition.

The quality I bring

I consistently expand my know-how and qualifications at the Harvard University within the Division of Continuing Education. I hold 6 certificates in Leadership and Management, Communication and Negotiations from the Harvard University and the Harvard Law School.
I am a certified trainer and a professional coach (CPCC). I ensure the high quality of my work by constantly expanding my skills and knowledge.  In October 2020 I completed a Team Coaching Certificate awarded by the worlds first Global Team Coaching Institute.  
I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and an active member of the Institute of Coaching, an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School.

Private Izabela

Beyond work, I’m a happy and loving wife of almost 25 years (my greatest life success!), a stepmother to my two stepchildren (it’s a tough role and a work in progress), a car enthusiast with passion for BMW, a gardener, a hobby sailor (when I manage to carve out some time ) and an enthusiastic traveler using every opportunity to see the world. I currently live in Germany in the beautiful area of Altes Land near Hamburg.

Qualifications & memberships

New Global Elite

New Global Elite is a training and coaching provider and an experienced partner for companies and individuals who have ambition and need to skill up, develop and grow.
We offer cutting-edge hard and soft skills trainings supported by targeted coaching. They are always tailored to your organization’s, and your top talent’s goals and needs.
The New Global Elite clients expect better for and of themselves, and want to inspire and motivate others by being role models of the values and behaviors which create healthier and more sustainable working and living environment for everyone. 

The concept of New Global Elite was born almost 10 years ago of a wish to have better leaders and to live in a better, more balanced world.  I believed that we all deserved better and I wanted to change things, even if only on my little scale.

I believe that people are at their best, take balanced decisions and live their best life when they are aware, educated, can communicate well and know how to self-manage. The same goes for organizations. They do much better when the managers are leaders. When they are approachable, human, humble and emotionally intelligent. When they take feedback just like everybody else and are willing to grow and change.

They also do much better when their people are empowered, motivated, well-trained,  and when they feel that they are listened to, respected and trusted. Today we know that “when you take care of your people, the business takes care of itself.” The evidence for this is overwhelming, coming from decades of research into the most successful organizations in the world. 

The young generations, even more than my Generation X, demand better leadership, better, more people-friendly workplaces and simply a better life. I believe this is all possible, but it requires that companies create a shift from management to leadership, both formal and organic. That they create and live cultures based on strong values where people are empowered, where communication flows freely and where people know that they are not “just a number” but a meaningful member of the team.  

This was the ambition behind creating New Global Elite: developing formal and informal leaders who are emotionally intelligent, who are authentic, who respect their people and are open to feedback. Leaders who communicate effectively with their teams and who create a working environment where people actually want to work. I believe that only then people will deliver their best results, and only then we will alleviate the problems of burnout and disengagement which together cost the global economy billions each year.

My trainings and coaching offer many ways to shape such supportive cultures and they offer many ways to support the new leaders and to empower teams to function better and more sustainably.

My coaching is also directed at professional and private people who want to grow and transform, and who want to have an active hand in creating a better future for themselves and their communities. As a coach, I help people find and clarify their values and their purpose, and to build a more fulfilling and satisfying life and career around them. 

One of my greatest passions and commitments is working with women. I want all women to be empowered, well-informed, fulfilled at work and living life on their own terms.

I truly believe that when women tap into their full potential, everybody benefits . Women just need to dare and to do this, they need to believe in themselves. I want to support them with my trainings and coaching to build their confidence, skills and networks so that they can realize their most daring ambitions and in doing so, change the status quo.

New Global Elite

Global Network of Facilitators

Neal Duckworth

Leadership Coach

Executive Presence Coach

Retired Head of (Counter)Intelligence

US Marine Corps

Neal Duckworth is a Senior Director with Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government where he oversees more than 50 security, development, and executive leadership programs for international governments, non-governmental organizations, and non-profit organizations. He is a former Managing Director of an intelligence consulting firm supporting the Department of Homeland Security; as well as a senior policy officer with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. 

Neal has extensive training, coaching and mentoring experience with more than one thousand people in a variety of areas.

He trained and mentored hundreds of foreign military forces from NATO, Moldova, and Iraq in leadership, intelligence operations, and combat tactics.  He also trained hundreds of US government personnel in security operations.

Neal served 23 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, retiring as head of Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence. He twice served as a NATO Peacekeeper in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

He directed and led military intelligence operations to secure the reopening of the US embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan; and he mentored and led Iraqi Army forces during the retaking of Ramadi during the Al Anbar awakening, where due to his leadership during combat he was decorated with the Bronze Star Medal for Valor.

Anna Weinzieher

Elite performance coach 2012 Olympian

Olympic Team Coach

London 2012 Olympian sailor in Laser Radial Class, World Cup medalist
and Polish Cup multi-medalist.
Polish Sailing League winner. Polish olympic sailing team coach.

After retiring from active sport, Anna has been coaching  young sailors at the top level. Her coachees include: Tytus Butowski (3rd place in Laser Radial Class Youth World Championship) and Magdalena Kwaśna (5th place in Laser Radial Class World Championship).

Anna specializes in top performance coaching and uses a wide variety of techniques and the latest performance psychology methods to help her clients achieve ultimate performance in sport and business. 

Dustin Mühe

Public Speaking, Soft Skills | Agile coach

Meet Dustin Mühe: a natural leader, lynchpin, lateral-thinker and a role model for the New Global Elite. He is dedicated to redefining the way we do and manage business in order to create a healthier and more sustainable world. To this effect, in past four years he helped building up a social food startup – first heading the business development & coaching a team of up to 16 employees and then consulting in the field of sustainability and social impact. Most recently he joined a tech startup in the aviation industry to promote innovation and enhance the customer experience. 

  • Mentored & Coached a total of 60 people: on the job training, people skills, mindset, empathy building
  • Facilitated workshops: design thinking, strategic planning, business model innovation, lean startup
  • Conducted trainings on body language, non-verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Agile setup of product teams: scrum, mindset, OKRs
  • Agile & Scrum
  • Project & Product Management
  • Innovation & Change Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Design Thinking
  • Business Model Innovation
  • CSR & Sustainability
  • Organizational Development – New Work
  • Public Speaking
  • Certified Product Owner and (soon to be) Scrum Master on Scrum.org
  • Design Thinking
  • IPMA Project Management Associate


Stellar mentorship helps improving quality

Jaqueline Whitmore

international etiquette expert

Jacqueline is an etiquette expert, book author and a certified speaking professional. She is the founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, a premier business etiquette consulting firm dedicated to helping executives enhance their interpersonal skills, and improve their personal brand. For more than a decade she has provided communication and leadership training programs, keynotes, and executive coaching to Fortune 500 companies such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Sprint, Caterpillar, Bloomingdale’s, the US Department of Defense and many others. Regarded as one of the foremost authorities on business etiquette in the world, Jacqueline has appeared on a variety of US television shows including ABC’s 20/20, The Fox Report with Shepard Smith, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and FoxBusiness.com. She has been featured or quoted in hundreds of national and international newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Financial Times, Fortune, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Time, and O: The Oprah Magazine, among others. She is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur.com. Jacqueline is the author of Poised for Success and Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work

Bob van Vicklin

Cross-cultural and public speaking expert

Bob is currently Assistant Dean for Development at the State University of New York at Buffalo and serves an officer in the United States Navy.
Prior to the University at Buffalo, Bob was Vice President for Advancement at Houghton College and before that spent 17 years working for two members of the United States Congress, serving in various positions to include foreign relations advisor, press secretary and chief of staff.
He serves as a member of several volunteer boards and raises money for cancer research at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York.

Désirée Steinmann

Professional Coach

Désirée is a professional coach and workshop leader, founder of Steinmann International based in Zurich, Switzerland. She is a professionally trained coach a with a strong background in expatriate issues. Her expertise is life, career and leadership coaching which she enhances with tools like the Personal Profile Analysis (DISC) and others.

Marni Johnson

Diversity & inclusion Expert

Marni has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Education Degree along with a certificate in Diversity Training from the American Institute for Managing Diversity in Chicago where she studied with Dr. Roosevelt Thomas Jr. Over the last several years she has been a presenter at several Canadian and international conferences including the CSTD, Toronto; The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) New York; The 4th, 5th and 6th Annual Diversity Conferences, Accommodating Persons with Disabilities, Maximizing Communication and Conflict Management Skills, Toronto. She also was selected to speak at the “International Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations” conference in Amsterdam in 2007.
Marni is a member of the Board of Directors for the Halo Foundation a corporation that supports charities that assist youth at risk.