When you take care of your people, the business takes care of itself.

New Global Elite is a coaching and training provider and an experienced partner for companies who want to dominate their industries by learning cutting-edge skills and developing effective, engaging and forward-thinking leaders.

Izabela Lusinska
Founder & CEO

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Post-pandemic, employees demand:
Compassionate Leaders

Compassionate, coaching leaders who put people first and who care about their well-being, fulfillment and development.

Inclusive Workplaces

Psychologically safe, inclusive workplaces where people feel heard and respected.

Work-life Balance

A healthy work-life balance and a sense of purpose.

This requires that companies create a shift...





That they create cultures which put people first where:

Trust and empowerment replace micromanagement and culture of disrespect and fear.

Transparent Communication

Communication and feedback flow freely and timely.


People know that they are valued, supported and appreciated.

the ambition behind creating New Global Elite:

Developing leaders who are emotionally intelligent, self-aware and authentic, and who respect their people and lead them with empathy, courage and integrity.

Leaders who communicate effectively with their teams, who bring out the best in their people, and who create psycholoogically-safe and inclusive working environment that will attract and keep top talent.

With such leaders people will be motivated to deliver their best work, and businesses will be able to solve the problems of burnout and disengagement which together cost the global economy billions of dollars each year.

Our clients learn to lead with humanity first, to inspire and motivate others and to create working environment where people are fulfilled, empowered and fully engaged.


The leaders are people who have the biggest impact as individuals. Good leaders can motivate us and bring out our best. Bad leaders do the opposite.
The concept of New Global Elite was born more than 10 years ago when I realized that it is the quality of leadership that shapes the climate, the culture, and ultimately the daily conditions in which we all work.
I was seeing up close how damaging and toxic bad leaders can be, and I wanted to change this.

Since then, I’ve been working on developing the new kind of workplace elite: the leaders who create psychologically-safe and people-friendly workplaces where people can thrive and deliver their best results.

Organizations do better when their managers are leaders. When they are approachable, humane and emotionally intelligent. When they listen to their people, take their feedback with humility, and are willing to improve their leadership style and the culture around them.

They also do much better when their people are empowered, motivated and growing, and when they feel that they are included, listened to, respected and trusted.

Today we know that “when you take care of your people, the business takes care of itself.”

The evidence for this is overwhelming, coming from decades of research into the most successful organizations in the world.

That’s why I’ve developed science-based coaching programs and training courses that transform managers into confident, effective leaders who deliver great results by bringing the best in their people.

This way they achieve engagement and loyalty, and create workplaces and cultures that attract and keep the best talent.

As a coach, I help leaders build self-awareness, remove their blind spots, and learn the fine art of people skills so that they can:
Step into their unique leadership style
Maximize their influence
Lead their teams with confidence, integrity and authority.

Shaping New Global Elite

Today’s leaders face unprecedented expectations to deliver results, inspire teams and create meaningful impact at a time when the world is experiencing historic challenges.


I help managers to transform into confident, respected leaders who know how to do the hard things that come with leadership in a human way.
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in media

Outsmart the Imposter Syndrome

Interview with Tammy Dunnett at Leadership Communication Expo – November 2021

Featured in Global Image Magazine

On February 9, 2022, an article written by Izabela: “Executive Presence – Why It’s A Vital Skill-Set To Become A Successful Leader” was featured in the Global Image Magazine.

Featured Speaker at the LEADING LEADERS Global Leadership Summit

Izabela was a featured Speaker at the LEADING LEADERS Global Leadership Summit, 24-26 February 2023.

Watch her interview about Cross-Cultural Leadership with the host, Sarah Francescutti, MBA, CEC, in the video above.

Featured in Global Image Magazine

On February 9, 2022, an article written by Izabela: “Executive Presence – Why It’s A Vital Skill-Set To Become A Successful Leader” was featured in the Global Image Magazine.

“I looked forward to each session with anticipation because I knew I was going to be challenged, and that I was going to learn new things about myself and my leadership. If you want to develop your leadership skills - I recommend Izabela as an excellent coach, with whom collaboration is not only nice and friendly, but most of all inspiring and thought-provoking.”

Arkadiusz Bujoczek Plant Director; Board Member at Oras

“Izabela helped me get clarity about my values and goals, and she helped me uncover my limiting thought patterns that were sabotaging my professional and personal success. If you want to have more confidence and better skills to get ahead in life and at work, work with Izabela. I have, and I am very grateful for this life-changing opportunity!”

Barbara Behtash IT Specialist

“Izabela combines several roles and competencies to support her clients in the most custom-made way possible. She is very client-oriented and always adapts her programs and methods to the individual needs.”

Christian Eckardt Senior Product Manager, BODE Chemie GmbH

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Izabela as a leadership development coach. Huge professionalism, great knowledge, and most of all amazing intuition and ability to identify the blind spots and roadblocks that need to be addressed to allow the client to work through things that hold them back.”

Olga Magda HR Manager at Amazon

“Izabela is a highly recommended business coach with excellent intercultural expertise and deep knowledge in leadership development.”

Tim Ellerbrock Technical Services Officer, GATX Rail Europe

“Her coaching has helped me to be more self-confident and assertive and to skillfully navigate difficult situations and conversations. Izabela always has the right words at the right time and her advice has always been very helpful.”

Cristina Miranda Zerr Former Head of Communication, BODE Chemie, HARTMANN GROUP

“Working with Izabela has been my best development experience in many years. I’ve gained new levels of leadership skills and increased my self-awareness even in areas where I thought I’m strong enough. It was a fascinating collaboration.”

Marek Nowakowski Senior Operation Manager Amazon

“Izabela is a highly skilled expert with great practical knowledge. She creates very open and safe environment during coaching sessions and this helps to open up, and work on improving the quality of your professional and private interactions.”

Dominika Bak-Majka Senior Operations Manager at Amazon

Hi, I’m Izabela.

Your trainer and coach.

I am an executive coach, leadership development specialist and business communication expert with 16 years of experience in assisting and training leaders and teams of globally operating companies.

I specialize in executive presence, assertive communication skills, cross-cultural competence, soft skills, and women empowerment and leadership.

Qualifications & memberships

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Co-Active Training Institute

Active member of the Institute of Coaching, Affiliate of the Harvard Medical School

Certified Team Coach through Global Team Coaching Institute

6 certificates from the Harvard University and the Harvard Law School


I consistently expand my know-how and qualifications at the Harvard University within the Division of Continuing Education.

I currently hold 6 certificates in Leadership and Management, Communication and Negotiations from the Harvard University and the Harvard Law School.

I have worked with executives and top talent at:

a multi-million project

The outfitting of the tesa plant in Suzhou, China

As a cross-cultural consultant and trainer, I supported the Project Leader in coordinating the teamwork between the German, Chinese and Taiwanese engineers.

I was responsible for the successful communication of the Project Leader with the tesa teams and the Taiwanese supplier.

beyond work

A happy and loving wife of almost 30 years - my greatest life success!

La Dolce Vita fan - living a good life, and helping others do the same.

A car enthusiast with passion for BMW (love my Z4 roadster!).

A gardener - my rose garden is my pride and joy.

Sailor and sponsor of a world top 20 sailing team.

An enthusiastic traveler using every opportunity to see the world.

I currently live in Germany in the beautiful area of Altes Land (pending UNESCO site) near Hamburg.

3 working languages




Meet our partners

Neal Duckworth

Senior Leadership Coach

Retired US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer

Dr. Laura Wünsch Wendt

Founder & Managing Director at Neuroscience Consulting

Tammy Dunnett

Communication Coach

Workplace Conflict & Bullying Specialist

Villa Martha

Retreat Partner

Rising Leaders Summit 2021

Together with 25 top leadership experts from around the world we served over 1100 Rising Leaders from over 50 countries.

You can access all the summit’s trainings on topics from Authentic and Agile Leadership through Recipe for Creating a Coaching Culture to Quietly Powerful Leaders, and get the valuable bonus materials from the Summit’s Experts by purchasing All Access Pass.

Contact me directly at izabela@newglobalelite.com to purchase VIP Pass.


Extreme Leadership for New Leaders

An e-book guide by Neal Duckworth, a leadership expert and one of our partners, for you to find your place and establish yourself.