Assertive Communication

communicate effectively in difficult situations

The most “on demand” training in the entire portfolio.

Both men and women often feel that they are not heard or that they are not taken seriously.  This training first offers the audit of all four communication styles and then focuses on the assertive style.

Participants look at the difference between aggressive and assertive styles and they develop skills such as succinct communication (saying the maximum in a minimum form), using supporting non-verbals (e.g.“command tone”), and keeping the emotions in check through mindfulness and breathing techniques.

This training includes elements of coaching to help the participants to understand their own deep-seated limiting beliefs (e.g. avoid conflict at all costs, be a nice guy etc.) and social conditioning (women are supposed to be nice, it’s important to be liked) which prevent them from being effective assertive communicators.

This program can be offered as an individual or group training and it is supported by individual coaching.