Assertiveness Toolkit


Assertiveness Toolkit

If you want to dramatically improve your conversations, connections and satisfaction you will need to learn the skills of assertive communication.

A self-paced mini-course to assertive communication

In this mini-course complete with a video, workbook and an e-guide, you will learn the difference between assertive and aggressive communication so that you can have clear, healthy conversations without fear of hurting other people’s feelings, or damaging your own reputation.

In the 20-pages e-guide you will get useful and practical tips to say “no” without guilt, to stop the “disease to please” by learning to use clear, unemotional language and by internalizing your “Bill of Rights” to help you understand that you are well within your rights when you set your boundaries.

You will also get:

These skills and techniques are highly learnable, and I look forward to bringing them to you in this simple to follow self-paced course.