Build Your Professional Superpowers

A Coaching Program Designed For Women by a Woman

Have you been struggling with conflict, not knowing how to give negative feedback and deal with criticism to the point that you don’t feel taken seriously? This has probably left you feeling self-critical and lacking confidence.

What you really want is to be able to speak and act with confidence so you can be assertive in setting your boundaries and creating a strong brand for professional success. 

You want to be able to self-promote with ease, keep your self-control under pressure and feel confident about your role. But every time you try, there is this voice in your head saying: “Who do you think you are? You’re not good enough!

Have you had enough of standing in the shadow of people less talented and capable than you?
Do you want to stop self-sabotaging your own success?
Your time to step up is now.

Learn science-based methods and cutting-edge skills that deliver POWERFUL RESULTS.

A Coaching Program Designed For Women by a Woman

Learn how to:

  • Be more confident and stop beating yourself up for every mistake
  • Be taken seriously when you speak
  • Understand how women sabotage their success with their appearance, voice and behavior, and make sure you don’t
  • Handle conflict more effectively
  • Make strong impact at work with better public speaking skills
  • Create a strong and authentic personal brand
  • Self-promote with confidence

Build Your Professional Superpowers  
Program Summary

7 learning video modules

7 Individual Coaching Sessions

7 Interactive Workbooks

Earn a Completion Certificate

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Downloadable Materials

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Your reputation is built on your ability to communicate.

Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is a critical area for building our brand and demonstrating our skills and talents.

Uncover your hidden behaviors that are working against your reputation and creating opportunities for men to interrupt, ignore, and talk over you, and learn how to stop this.

Implement easy and powerful strategies to align your verbal and nonverbal messages to boost clarity and impact.

Learn to communicate assertively for maximum clarity and impact.


The most important thing a woman can wear is her self-confidence.

You will learn effective techniques for public speaking success including simple tools to project confidence and authority, e.g. how to stand, what to do with your hands, how to control your voice, how to manage your stress and how to power-dress.


Don’t let what you’re wearing distract from what you’re saying.

The way we look is a powerful non-verbal communication channel.

You will learn how to present yourself in the best light both in person and virtually, how to develop your signature look and how to send the right messages with your dressing choices.


Win people over and achieve positive outcomes even in tricky situations.

We know conflict is inevitable, and resolution is optional. Learn effective strategies for prevention, exploration, and collaboration that will have your team producing better results with less drama.

You will learn effective strategies for dealing with difficult people and situations.

 We will examine the typical triggers which knock us off balance, how the “stories in our heads” sabotage our self-confidence and self-control, and how to behave like a mediator to win people over and achieve positive outcomes, even in tricky situations.


Women are often labelled as “emotional” or even “hysterical” when under pressure.

We will look at the root causes of this cliché and learn how to replace them with techniques for self-control and confidence. You will learn how to say “no” in a way people will respect, and how to react firmly, but calmly when people don’t respect your limits.



Certified coach by ICF: ACC, CPCC

Executive Presence Coach

Leadership Development Expert 
Communication, EQ & Soft Skills Trainer

4 International Qualifications and Memberships in Leading Coaching Institutions.

100+ Executives and 36+ companies trained globally in over 16 years.

I am an executive and leadership coach and a global workplace expert with over 16 years of experience in assisting and training leaders and teams of globally operating companies and organizations in sectors such as aviation, banking, chemical, defense, law and the navy.

During 16 years as a business owner and in my corporate experience I learnt what it takes to be taken seriously as a professional woman. I have turned this business and life experience into coaching and training program to help other women overcome their internal and external barriers to their success.

I currently work with top talent and executives from:

I am the founder of New Global Elite, a training and coaching company specializing in developing leaders and skills for the 21st century business.

I am an avid advocate for women leadership and I develop training and coaching initiatives to help ambitious women achieve top leadership positions.

I am an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and an active member of the Institute of Coaching, an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School.
I hold 6 certificates in Leadership, Communication and Negotiations from the Harvard University and the Harvard Law School.

I can help you upgrade your career, improve your relationships, silence your internal critic and build success on your own terms.

Clients' Compliments:

“Just a few sessions with Izabela gave me more than several years of mentoring.”

I have reached another level of self-understanding, self-improvement and what comes with that, I have become a better leader who is well respected by her team.

Ewelina Witowska-Sebzda
Senior Manager, Electrolux

“If you have an aspiration to grow and to step up coaching with Izabela is a great opportunity”

If you have an aspiration to grow and to step up into new challenges as a leader, coaching with Izabela is a great opportunity to learn about yourself and to master the necessary skills.
Izabela is a highly skilled expert with great practical knowledge. She creates very open and safe environment during coaching sessions and this helps to open up, and work on improving the quality of your professional and private interactions. I can recommend Izabela as both an executive and a life coach. Her individual approach, great communication skills and ‘helicopter view’ of discussed issues help you see your own blind spots, and inspire cooperation to do what it takes to develop yourself as a person, and as a leader.

Dominika Bak-Majka
Senior Operations Manager, Amazon

“I learned how to be more confident at work and how to stand up for myself”

As a woman in a predominantly male industry I had to learn to be more assertive and self-promoting and Izabela helped me push through my resistance and learn these critical skills.
Before working with Izabela I wasn’t sure how to position myself at work and how to get the respect and opportunities I deserved.  Izabela helped me get clarity about my values and goals, and she helped me uncover my limiting thought patterns that were sabotaging my professional and personal success.

If you want to have more confidence and better skills to get ahead in life and at work, work with Izabela.
I have, and I am very grateful for this life-changing opportunity!

Barbara Dziwoki 
Business Process & Application Consultant, IT Industry


4 Monthly payments
of €750
= €2,999*


Pay in full and get 2 extra sessions 
= €2,999*

* Subject to 19% German VAT if you are a private person within the EU.

Ready to step up?

Let's work together!

I look forward to working with you to help you step up, silence your internal critics and to build success on your own terms.

Let me help you overcome any internal or external barriers to your success.

You deserve it, and it is your time to step up and reach out for more.

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