Coaching Package

Celebrate my birthday with a life-changing offer!

For a limited time, I’m thrilled to offer you an exclusive coaching package to mark my birthday: Three 30-minute coaching sessions at an amazing price of €150! 🌟

Transform your life with the power of coaching!

These sessions are designed to be laser-focused and power-packed, enabling us to quickly dive deep into your goals, challenges, and aspirations.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the incredible benefits of coaching at an unbeatable value.

As a coach, I’ve witnessed first-hand the life-altering transformations that coaching can bring.

Now, I’m thrilled to make this special offer because I know that even three sessions have the power to create a remarkable difference in your life.

Act fast!

First come, First served!
This exclusive offer is only valid from 5th to 10th July and only 10 people can benefit from it.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself or surprise a friend or partner with the gift of transformation.

This offer gets even more powerful!

Birthdays are the times when we make our most secret wishes and hope they will come true, and I want my birthday to help many people fulfil their dreams.

As someone who has personally experienced the profound impact of coaching, I’m passionate about paying it forward and making a difference in as many lives as possible.

As part of my commitment to making a positive impact, I’m dedicating 50% of the proceeds from this offer to support the amazing work of, a non-profit organization empowering entrepreneurs in developing countries through micro-loans.

Together, we can help change trajectories of many families around the world. Let’s stretch the birthday magic as far as possible!

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