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One of the most powerful ways to attract and keep top talent.

The burden of the 2020 pandemic has left everyone, but especially the executives and top talent, feeling exhausted and stretched.

What they need now is support, and coaching is one of the best and most efficient ways to help them. But coaching is much more than a crutch in a crisis.

Coaching is one of the most powerful tools supporting human and organizational transformation.

It is also one of the most powerful tools to attract and keep top talent: people expect that their employers appreciate them and take their growth seriously by offering personalized development opportunities.

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Executive Coaching

Post-pandemic leadership requires a new playbook. This playbook starts with the leader’s mind and the ability to lead oneself first.

Coaching supports the executives in developing and refining their skills in a trusting “container” environment.

It is also often used to remove roadblocks and limiting beliefs which hold the clients back in their decisions or their own development as effective and confident leaders.

Coaching helps leaders:
Through coaching, leaders deepen their self-awareness and learn how to rewire for mindfulness, vulnerability, courage and authenticity.

“I can recommend Izabela as both an executive and a life coach. Her individual approach, great communication skills and 'helicopter view' of discussed issues help you see your own blind spots, and inspire cooperation to do what it takes to develop yourself as a person, and as a leader.”

Dominika Bak-Majka Senior Operations Manager at Amazon

“With Izabela as a coach by my side, I have grown enormously both personally and professionally. Izabela is a candid coach who is not afraid to challenge and confront, and this approach has led to a very rapid progression of me as a person and leader.”

Predrag Zlatković Senior HR Manager at

“Before working with Izabela I wasn’t sure how to position myself at work and how to get the respect and opportunities I deserved. Izabela helped me get clarity about my values and goals, and she helped me uncover my limiting thought patterns that were sabotaging my professional and personal success.”

Barbara Behtash IT Specialist

“She has helped me to develop a much deeper understanding of the differences between cultures and it has increased my effectiveness as a manager in international projects. And more importantly - I know myself much better now because Izabela keeps holding up the mirror to me.”

Christian Eckardt Senior Product Manager, BODE Chemie GmbH

“As my leadership development coach, Izabela has skillfully triggered the points crucial for my self-reflection. She has guided me through tough and difficult moments, and she has helped me to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs hindering my success. Without Izabela, I would not be as successful as I am in my current executive position.”

Cristina Miranda Zerr Former Head of Communication, BODE Chemie, HARTMANN GROUP

“Just a few sessions with Izabela gave me more than several years of mentoring. I have reached another level of self-understanding, self-improvement and what comes with that, I have become a better leader who is well respected by her team.”

Ewelina Witowska-Sebzda Senior Manager, Electrolux

“During my entire business life I have never had a better coach and partner to improve my skills, to develop my personality and to get feedback regarding relationships and emotions in the internal company network. I'm very grateful to you for this long-lasting and open-minded relationship - thank you.”

Dr. Klaus Michelsen Head of Production, BODE Chemie GmbH (retired)

“I'm at the beginning of my journey, but I can already see that thanks to Izabela’s coaching, doors that were closed to me so far are now opening. I can really recommend Izabela to any young executive who has an ambition to grow and needs a strong partner to challenge and guide them on the way.”

Paweł Grzegorczyn Manager at Electrolux

“Izabela is an outstanding coach focussing on communication and the differences in cultures. She was an invaluable help to get me prepared for my plant manager role in the US.”

Kai Filbrandt Production Manager, tesa Werk Hamburg GmbH

“The coaching sessions we had together let me view myself from a new and unexpected perspective. What surprised me was Izabela's ability to show me my blind spots and a wide context of challenges on the way to be a better, more effective person and leader. Her intuition and insightful observations made our meetings interesting and inspiring for me. ”

Arkadiusz Bujoczek Plant Director; Board Member at Oras

Women leaders

Leadership Coaching for Women

Growing body of data confirms that when women tap into their full potential, everybody benefits.

However, they often shy away from reaching for leadership positions because they lack confidence, self-promotion skills, and the right mindset or they don’t want to compromise their work-life balance.

Coaching can help them build skills and confidence, and become strong leaders without compromising who they are or burning out.

Coaching helps women:
Women need to believe in themselves more, and care about being liked less.

I want all women to be empowered, respected, fulfilled and keeping healthy boundaries at work and at home. During sixteen years as a business owner and through my experience as a corporate employee I’ve learned what it takes to be respected and taken seriously as a professional woman.

I support women with my trainings and coaching so that they can stop wasting energy on people-pleasing, learn to self-promote and stand up for themselves and their teams without worrying about “what will people say”.


Top 7 Challenges Women Face and How to Solve Them

Get the “must-have” checklist to successfully recalibrate your mindset and behaviour to be taken seriously and to act with unshakeable confidence.


Team Coaching

Team coaching helps teams understand and align around a common purpose to deliver the best results for all stakeholders, while creating a sustainable environment that cultivates long-term excellence and success.

Coaching helps teams:
Team coaching is effective when:
Learn how working with me can help you and your team improve performace, stretch beyond the old comfort zones, and grow and develop new mindsets and habits that will lead you to success.
Not sure if coaching is for you? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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Things you should know before working with a coach

Hi, I’m Izabela.

Your trainer and coach.

I am an executive coach, leadership development specialist and business communication expert with 16 years of experience in assisting and training leaders and teams of globally operating companies.

I specialize in executive presence, leadership development, assertive communication skills, cross-cultural competence, soft skills, and women empowerment and leadership.

Coaching is supported by cutting-edge soft skills trainings.

Skills Development

Develop the skills and abilities required to be an effective leader in the post-COVID world.

Online Program

Join the Respected Leader Program

A program where you will learn the most important skills and mindset that will set you apart from the crowd as a charismatic, powerful, and respected leader.


Outsmart the Impostor Syndrome

A roadmap for high-achievers who want to stop playing small, break through their limiting beliefs and create their limitless life and career.