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Executive Coaching

Leadership’21 requires a new playbook. And this playbook starts with the leader’s mind. Executive coaching supports the executives in developing and refining their skills in a trusting “container” relationship. It might be used to remove roadblocks and limiting beliefs which hold the client back in their decisions or their own development as leaders.

Coaching has been shown to facilitate strategic thinking and increase personal insight by providing a supportive space for reflection. It is considered to be effective in enhancing leaders’ capacity to cope with changes (agility and resilience), helps them engage and motivate their teams better (EQ), helps them plan and achieve their personal and business goals (focus, mindfulness) and promotes general leadership efficacy by significantly raising self-management. Through coaching leaders deepen their self-awareness and learn how to rewire for mindfulness, vulnerability, courage and authenticity.

Leadership Coaching for Women

Growing body of data confirms that when women tap into their full potential, everybody benefits . However, they often shy away from reaching for leadership positions, lack self-confidence and self-promotion skills. Coaching helps them examine their limiting beliefs, builds their skills and helps them master the mindset of a leader. This form of talent development is the perfect extension of the leadership development program, or can be applied on its own covering the identified development areas.

Team Coaching

Team coaching helps teams understand and align around a common purpose to deliver best results for all stakeholders, while creating a sustainable environment that cultivates long-term excellence and success. The team coaching process helps teams become resilient to the ever-changing dynamics of the modern business world, establish inspiring culture and vision, define clear roles, commit to team accountability, manage conflict well and increase the level of creativity and innovation.
  • A new team is being formed and needs to quickly create momentum
  • A key team is not working as effectively as it could, and the team leader and team members agree that they want to do better
  • A long-established team has lost its sparkle and wants to regain it
  • A VIMT (Virtual, International, Multicultural Team) needs global dexterity to function effectively
  • A top team wants to become a role model for the rest of the organization

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