Global Workplace Skills

Helping your people achieve professional readiness for the demands of the global workplace

This best-selling program is usually organized as a 1-year program of weekly group sessions of 90 minutes. It is designed to create a cultural shift, help develop skills necessary to be effective in international projects and teams and to create global mindset.
The development of the Global workplace Skills can be organized as a complete program, or as separate individual trainings focusing on individual topics:
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Organic Leadership
  • Global mindset
  • Global Dexterity: Skills for multi-national teams:
    •     Cross-cultural intelligence
    •     Cross-cultural communication
    •     Feedback across cultures
    •     Conflict prevention and cultural empathy
    •     Presenting across cultures
    •     Cultural adaptation for expats and their teams
    •     Leading and persuading across cultures
  • Social capital for successful teams
  • Message Design: communication with purpose and clarity
  • Stress management and burnout prevention
  • Professional brand for individuals
  • 21st century workplace
  • Working with diversity
  • Women and men at work: how to prevent #MeToo situations
  • Life-long learning