Leader, Lead Yourself

True leadership mastery begins with self-mastery

Program for junior and senior managers to raise the awareness of the individual leadership styles and leadership blind spots, their impact on teams and ways to become better, more intentional leaders. This program includes individual communication style inventory and if desired, a personality audit using the groundbreaking Leadership Circle assessment tool. Based on the results, the clients are offered targeted trainings and coaching to help them transform their weakness and to develop their skills as necessary.
Examples of the skills include:
  • Executive Presence
  • Cosmopolitan Leaders – leadership across cultures
  • Charismatic Leadership Tactics
  • Extreme ownership
  • Shut up and listen: The Art of Getting Honest Feedback
  • Executive Communication
  • Building Trust
  • Mental, physical and spiritual fitness

This program can be offered as an individual or group training and it is supported by individual coaching.