Global Workplace Skills

This best-selling program is usually organized as a 1-year program of weekly group sessions of 90 minutes. It is designed to create a cultural shift, help develop skills necessary to be effective in international projects and teams and to create global mindset. It helps people achieve professional readiness for the demands of global workplace.

Leader, Lead Yourself

Lead Yourself – program for junior and senior managers to raise the awareness of the individual leadership styles and leadership blind spots, their impact on teams and ways to become better, more intentional leaders.

Leadership Skills for Women

In this dedicated program, women learn about skills necessary to successfully lead in the current workplace climate.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching is rapidly becoming one of the most important skills in management and it is replacing the old-fashioned and demotivating style of command-and-control.

Assertive Communication

The most “on demand” training in the entire portfolio! Both men and women often feel that they are not heard or that they are not taken seriously during team meetings, or in personal situations such as a doctor appointment.

Public Speaking and Presentations

Statistically, 75% of us experience some form of anxiety in a public speaking event.  This means that most of professional people underperform when speaking in public. This training aims to change this.