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Our world is a very complex and complicated place. Smart people know that they can’t win in this environment alone. They accept they need allies and guides to speed up their results. One of the most effective ways to grow and transform towards your desired self and to achieve your most stretching goals is to work with a coach. 

Personal Development

Do you need a change? Want to grow, but don’t know how?
Do you have issues which you can’t solve yourself? Are you stuck and can’t see a way out? Tired of the old life or old relationship? Life coaching is for you. The ultimate goal here is to help you create a lasting change.

Examples of coaching topics:

  • Work- life balance and burnout prevention 
  • Fulfilled life & purposeful career
  • Relationship management in career and life
  • General well-being

Coaching for Women

I know: we face systemic and cultural barriers to success, but we are often our own worst enemies on the way to success. As your coach, I will help you stop self-sabotaging, build confidence and set better boundaries at work and at home. You will feel less guilty about saying NO and you will stop being a people pleaser at the expense of your own time and opportunity.  People will respect you and your needs. You will learn to be confident and keep control under pressure. And if you are dreaming of opening your own business, I can help you make it happen.

Sounds good?



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Skills Development

I help people build their professional brand strategically and with confidence.

I can help you skill up quickly and give you tools and resources for further development.
But skills and tools are just the operational factors of success. The biggest factor is your mindset. This is where coaching creates an exponential impact.

You co-design your best coaching experience

Things you should know before working with a coach


Coaching is a process

Coaching is a deep transformational process. It takes time to build awareness, to challenge the status quo, to stretch beyond the old comfort zones, to grow and develop new mindsets and habits. It is for people who are committed to their own growth and transformation and who understand that coaching is an investment into their better future.


Coaching is NOT

The biggest difference between coaching and therapy is that in coaching, a client is an emotionally and psychologically healthy person. In therapy, the client is emotionally unwell and needs healing.

Therapy looks back and focuses on examining the past to understand how the client got to where they are now.

Coaching looks forward and concentrates on where the clients are right now, where they would like to be in the future and how they can get there.

Simply put, coaching elicits answers from the client and consulting tells the client what to do.

If a client wanted help with learning how to ride a bicycle, a consultant would write them a “how to” manual.

A coach would have the client get on the bicycle and walk alongside him/her, guiding the client through the process until (s)he felt confident enough to ride on their own. A coach’s focus is to help the clients understand themselves, and to guide them into making the best decisions and taking the right steps to achieve their goals. A coach will offer the tools and resources, honest feedback, encouragement and accountability, but will not offer solutions.

A mentor is generally an older, more experienced person who supports a younger person in their growth, especially career development. Mentor/mentee relationship is open-ended and can last for many years. A mentor will provide access to resources and networks, or can offer practical tips on how to solve a particular problem based on their own wisdom and experience. The mentoring relationship is informal and the mentor usually does not receive payment for mentoring.


Can coaching help you?

Coaching is for people who want things to be different. 
They may want more from life: more peace of mind, more security, more confidence, more impact in their work, more health, more financial stability, more freedom, more joy, more balance, more fulfillment, more quality, more happiness.
 Or they may want less: less stress, less confusion, less fear, less financial pressure, less frustration, less worry, less resistance, less self-criticism, less disappointment, less conflict, less dissatisfaction, less struggle.


Co-Active coaching method

I am certified in the Co-Active method, the golden standard of coaching recognized globally.

Co-Active helps you stretch your sightline, get out of your comfort zone, and grow along the way. It’s a way to better understand your own journey—to help you design your own life’s quest by rediscovering your courage to be the one you want to be, in order to create what you want to create.”

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