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We help businesses create better results and attract and keep top talent by giving their people what they want most: development opportunities and great leaders.

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+90%  of top-talent professionals in Europe said that professional development programs and coaching are of critical importance when they look for an employer.


Corporate Programs

You have great people. Top talent. You’ve spent significant amount of time, energy and money finding and recruiting them because you know that there can be no successful business without engaged, motivated, passionate employees. But the war on talent is real and attracting people doesn’t equal keeping them. They will only stay if you give them what your competition won’t: first class development and growth opportunities


Career & Life Coaching

Our world is a very complex and complicated place. Smart people know that they can’t win in this environment alone. They accept they need allies and guides to speed up their results. One of the most effective ways to grow and transform towards your desired self and to achieve your most stretching goals is to work with a coach. 

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Hi, I’m Izabela, your trainer and coach.
I am a leadership and people development coach and business communication expert with over 13000 hours of skills training, coaching, teaching, real-time consulting and project support. I have 15 years of experience in assisting and training leaders and teams of globally operating companies.



Are You a Manager or Leader?

There are several strong themes I see in leadership development and executive coaching this year.  One is “How can I increase engagement and motivation in

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