Respected Leader Program

Build your Authority, Speak with Charisma and Become a RESPECTED LEADER – a 12-month online leadership development program with elements of self-paced training combined with individual coaching and live, interactive workshops. You can join from anywhere in the world.

All of the 12 training sessions will take place via pre-recorded video modules so you can learn at your own pace. They will be complemented with 12 live interactive group workshops, 12 live guest lectures and 24 bonus videos with top leadership experts. And last but not least: you will receive 24 individual coaching sessions to define and hone the skills and mindset leading to your individual success as a leader.

Like all our courses, The Respected Leader is carefully designed to help you learn skills and mindset necessary to become a confident, Respected Leader.

Each module brings in new, critical skills that build on the previous material. This course will guide you through a logical path that builds on itself, progressively teaching you the skills of powerful Executive Presence.

Through a mixture of video teaching, coaching sessions, case-study analysis, and both group and solo practices, you will learn how to go beyond just managing people. You’ll learn reliable methods and practical, field-tested skills to lead others effectively, to build trust, develop your authority and to become a confident, charismatic, RESPECTED LEADER.