Public Speaking & Presentations

Are you one of the people who would rather do anything else than speak in public?

Statistically, 75% of us experience some form of anxiety in a public speaking event.  This means that most of professional people underperform when speaking in public. This training aims to change this. The participants will learn how to overcome their fears, prepare better and deliver a compelling speech or presentation with confidence, passion and self-control.
The training is divided into two parts:
In the Design part we look at creating successful visuals and the participants learn how to represent information visually in an audience-attractive way.
In the Delivery part we focus on understanding the glossophobia itself, and on developing solid rhetoric skills. The participants first learn useful hacks which help overcome the debilitating physiological reactions of anxiety.
Following this, they focus on their presenting style and personality to leverage the existing assets and strengths and to limit the unhelpful mannerisms and speaking habits. Examples of focus areas include:
  • Vocal Toolbox (how to use the voice patterns)
  • Halo Effect (how to create an immediate positive impression and create positive bond with the audience)
  • Presenter’s Brand (the speaker’s best public persona and being your best authentic self). 
The program can be organized as a 2-day group training with elements of workshop, or as a 1-on-1 personal training and coaching either in an intensive form, or in weekly sessions focusing on relevant fields of growth and improvement.