Resilience Pays Off: My Team Coaching Certification Story 2020

Last year was tough. In February my husband got seriously ill and my focus was on nursing him back to health. Half a year later  things normalized and we slowly picked up our old rhythm. And somewhere between all this and the pandemic, I managed to complete the Team Coaching Certificate, the pioneering program co-created two of the world’s leading team coaching experts, professors Peter Hawkins, and David Clutterbuck, and offered by the world’s first Global Team Coaching Institute. I’m very proud of this achievement because it was a very demanding and thorough program which I completed under challenging circumstances, to say the least. After 6 months of hard work last year I finally received my certificate of completion in January 2021, and I am very proud to share it here.  I look forward to serving many teams with my new knowledge and skills.

In the program I learnt that there is a new paradigm of leadership and teamwork – one that most successful and forward-thinking leaders are already implementing. It is the team-based model. We know that 21st-century obstacles are not going to be overcome by the “Alpha-Leader”, but by dynamic, agile, collaborative teams with the ability to adapt in uncertain circumstances. This requires a continuous learning culture that encourages new thinking, and coaching culture that creates psychological safety and an inclusive platform where everybody’s talents are appreciated and valued. In my role as a professional trainer, coach and team coach, I can help you establish and maintain both of these cultures and by doing so, set the groundwork for the future success of your organization.

If you are a team leader or an executive who thinks their team(s) could use assistance and guidance in bringing their performance to the next level, contact me to discuss what a certified Team Coach can do to help you fully optimize and mobilize your teams. Or check my training offer to see how else I can be of service to you and your team. In the words of one of the greatest coaches of all times, Marshall Goldsmith: “What got you here won’t get you there”. I look forward to working with you!