Respected Leader Program

The Respected Leader Program

A leadership development program to build your authority, speak with charisma and become a respected leader.

Izabela Lusinska
Founder & CEO

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The Respected Leader is an online leadership development program with elements of self-paced training combined with individual coaching and live, interactive workshops.

You are a leader who works in a high-functioning role within a fast-paced environment who needs to work in high capacity.

You wish you could:

It’s time to have powerful Executive Presence and take control of difficult, unpredictable situations with confidence and poise.

Imagine a future where:

This is what you get after completing the Respected Leader Program.

The Respected Leader Program

A 12-month online Leadership Development Program

What’s included:
12 video units

Containing multiple science-based sessions each of cutting edge teaching material on skills and mindset

24 Individual Coaching Sessions

To help you deal with your personal roadblocks and limiting beliefs

12 Live Integration Workshops

Including Q&A about each unit material and powerful on-demand coaching.

24 Bonus Videos

Interviews with world’s top leadership experts who will share their expert know-how, invaluable resources and advice.

Interactive Workbooks

With supporting resources to help you integrate and deepen the key principles you learn during the training.

Downloadable Materials

You will have access to all video and audio for 2 years, so you can learn at your own pace.

1:1 Coaching

24 Individual Coaching Sessions

You’ll receive 24 individual, targeted coaching sessions on ZOOM to help you deal with your personal roadblocks and limiting beliefs and to develop the skills and mindset that will lead you to your own definition of success.

“Just a few sessions with Izabela gave me more than several years of mentoring.
I have reached another level of self-understanding, self-improvement and what comes with that, I have become a better leader who is well respected by her team.”

Ewelina Witowska-Sebzda Senior Manager, Electrolux

“Be prepared to be challenged, but be prepared for results, too! Izabela is an amazing executive coach who first focused on holistically understanding who I am as a person and as a professional, and what my goals are, and then helped me keep a steady course to achieve them in alignment with my values. Working with Izabela was very beneficial to my development and enhancing my leadership skills. I absolutely recommend Izabela as an executive coach! ”

Jacek Kubas Associate Director at EBRD, London

“The results are amazing! I found common language with Izabela very quickly. Her no-nonsense feedback quickly helped me realize where my blind spots were and where some of my leadership struggles were coming from. It is not something I could have seen myself. And as painful it was to hear some things about myself, without that I would have had little chance to change and improve.”

Slawek Ratajewski Managing Director, Cargo Desk Oldendorff Carriers, Lübeck

“I’m at the beginning of my journey, but I can already see that thanks to Izabela’s coaching, doors that were closed to me so far are now opening. I can really recommend Izabela to any young executive who has an ambition to grow and needs a strong partner to challenge and guide them on the way.”

Paweł Grzegorczyn Manager at Electrolux

“Izabela has helped me to be more open minded, approach new situations without prejudice and to look for the best outcomes. This was of massive help in the transition period my team and company were going through.”

Slawek Ratajewski Managing Director, Cargo Desk Oldendorff Carriers, Lübeck

“Working with Izabela helped me understand the critical importance of the quality of communication for my leadership success. I’ve realized how I can build my brand, authority and credibility through communication that is clear, assertive and concise.”

Paweł Grzegorczyn Manager at Electrolux

how it works

Accelerate your career and land the roles you deserve.

The 12 live workshops are 60 min long and are held monthly, live on Zoom. Their goal is to help you consolidate the learning points from each unit and offer Q+A where you will have the opportunity to discuss your learnings and participate in powerful on-demand coaching.

You’ll have the opportunity to deepen your learning with 24 pre-recorded video interviews with world’s top leadership experts, interactive workbooks with resources for each learning point and a curated library of resources.

Program Schedule

The program is divided into 4 Modules:
1. Soft Skills

1.      Power of (Virtual) Executive Presence

2.     Leading VIMTs (cross-cultural competence)

3.     Communicating with clarity and empathy

3. Gravitas

1.      Confidence & Authority

2.     Credibility & Competence

3.     Integrity & Authenticity

2. Mindset

1.     Fearless, Confident & Hopeful

2.     Growth Mindset

3.     Collaboration and Abundance

4. Charisma

1.      Managing the ego

2.     Your personal brand of charisma

3.     Charismatic Leadership Traits (CLTs) Audit

sample module

Module 1, Unit 3 - Communicating with clarity and empathy

Hi, I’m Izabela.

Your trainer and coach.

I’m an executive coach, leadership development specialist and business communication expert with 16 years of experience in assisting and training leaders and teams of globally operating companies.

I currently work with top talent and executives from: Amazon, Coca Cola, Clifford Chance, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development, Electrolux, Fujitsu and many others.

I specialize in executive presence, leadership development, assertive communication, power skills, cross-cultural competence, and women leadership.

Certified coach by

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Only 3 places left in 2023 – get yours today!

Learn science-based methods and cutting-edge skills to improve your performance, open up new opportunities, and accelerate your career.

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