We help leaders build strong executive presence, soft skills and EQ, so they can own their style, speak in their voice, lead with confidence and create great business results with engaged and motivated teams. 

Soft Skills

The most important set of skills emerging in this age of Fourth Industrial Revolution world is the soft skills set.
Post-COVID, proficiency in soft skills will be a must, especially as data-centric roles and the importance of virtual communication channels increase. People and companies need to up-level their soft skills and evolve their mindset to meet the demands of the new work. Each industry might need different set of soft skills.



Post-COVID businesses operate increasingly in VIMTs (Virtual, International, Multicultural Teams) and in models of blended work where virtual communication is paramount for success.

Global Dexterity


Cross-cultural competencies lead to higher profit, innovative teams, and less conflict. It has been named one of the 10 most important future work skills 2020 by the Institute for the Future.

The goal of this program is to increase global dexterity of your international and multi-cultural teams. This set of skills is especially important post-COVID, as teams are increasingly VIM (Virtual, International, Multicultural). The program is designed to increase their effectiveness and to reduce time- and money-consuming conflicts.

Executive presence

There is authority that comes from having a position and title, and authority that is naturally felt. This second type is called executive presence. Leaders who have it, naturally command respect and admiration. They have the ability to unite, engage, influence and inspire their teams who trust those leaders to lead them through the difficult times. There is a myth that “you have to be born with it”, but the truth is that executive presence can be learned.

Developing Women Leaders

Women are your future best employees. Investing in women leaders is investing in the success of your business: A 2020 McKinsey report found that taking action to fully tap into women’s potential could add $13 trillion to global GDP by 2030.

This program is designed to support the development of your emerging and current female leaders and will be customized to fit your leaders’ needs. They will develop the skills necessary to be taken seriously and to build trust within their teams. 

Coaching Skills for Managers

Post-COVID, companies will need to be able to quickly pivot and set new directions, and the key to doing that, according to 2020 Deloitte survey, is the ability to understand their workforce’s capabilities and preferences first, and then designing the workplace to promote their wellbeing. At its core is the understanding that change is driven by individuals, not by project plans or strategies. The strongest set of skills supporting this approach is coaching.

Assertive Communication

The most “on demand” training in the entire portfolio! Both men and women often feel that they are not heard or that they are not taken seriously during team meetings, or in personal situations such as a doctor appointment.

Public Speaking and Presentations

Statistically, 75% of us experience some form of anxiety in a public speaking event.  This means that most of professional people underperform when speaking in public. This training aims to change this.