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We help leaders build strong executive presence, people skills and EQ, so they can own their style, speak in their voice, and lead their teams with confidence.

Trainings delivered virtually and in-person.


Skills you need for success in the unprecedented working environment.

The most important set of skills emerging in this age on Fourth Industrial Revolution and the post-COVID world is the soft skills set.

Emotional intelligence, adaptability, collaboration, (virtual) communication, cross-cultural intelligence and people skills have been rebranded as “power skills” and they are dictating success on organizational and personal level.

Post-COVID, people also demand better leadership which requires extra effort from leaders to develop themselves.

New Global Elite offers soft skills and leadership trainings that equip leaders and teams with tools necessary to stay engaged, resilient, motivated and competitive in the unprecedented realities of the post-pandemic world.

Trainings and coaching for leadership and soft skills including:


Effective Communication

Communication skills consistently top the skills rankings as the most important of all soft professional skills. Data shows that all other things being equal, it’s the communication skills, not the technical skills, that make or break professional success on all levels.

Whether it’s public speaking, having difficult conversations, feedback skills, cross-cultural communication, effective virtual communication or assertive communication skills – we’ve got your needs covered.

Assertive Communication

Assertiveness promotes healthy relationships and thriving working cultures. When done skillfully, it is a leadership superpower.

Leaders who role-model acting and speaking with decisiveness, confidence and clarity – while being empathic- have a good chance of building a culture of accountability and an environment where people treat each other with respect, and where team members communicate transparently without being rude, disrespectful or hostile.

In this sense, assertiveness is at the very core of effective leadership.

Virtual Communication

Post-COVID businesses operate increasingly in VIMTs (Virtual, International, Multicultural Teams) and in models of blended work where virtual communication is paramount for success.

Learn the necessary skills for this new style of communication.

Feedback Skills

Learn how to deeply motivate your people and how to have meaningful, open conversations which will create a culture of trust and honest feedback.

Develop skills such as deep listening, curiosity, speaking with empathy, sharing observations without judgement and more.

This course is based on the groundbreaking method by the Harvard professors Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone.

Public Speaking & Effective Presenting

Statistically, 75% of us experience some form of anxiety in a public speaking event.

From design to delivery, learn how to overcome fear, prepare better and deliver a compelling speech or presentation with confidence, passion and self-control, whether in person or virtually.

“The holistic approach makes the coaching so fascinating. Especially the intercultural training, based on her vast expertise and experience, has helped me to successfully deal with the growing challenges within my increasingly global and hybrid workplace.”

Christian Eckardt Senior Product Manager, BODE Chemie GmbH

“The outcome of the comprehensive coaching and the development program for our top talent exceeded my expectations. Izabela’s tenacity, skills and remarkable sensitivity in dealing with people have been major assets in achieving her objectives in all the years we worked together. Her recommendations have always been highly respected.”

Dr. Klaus Ruhnau Former Managing Director at BODE Chemie GmbH

“Izabela has helped me to be more open-minded, approach new situations without prejudice and to look for the best outcomes. This was of massive help in the transition period my team and company were going through.”

Slawek Ratajewski Managing Director, Cargo Desk Oldendorff Carriers, Lübeck

“I had a privilege to work with Izabela within leadership program in my company and I believe our coaching sessions were the most valuable part of it. Izabela is a very professional and intuitive coach, with client-oriented approach, who challenged me to answer inconvenient questions and encouraged me to go beyond my limits.”

Marta Golak Brand Manager at Japan Tobacco International

“Izabela is brilliant in using apt metaphors that help to immediately understand and name things that are difficult to grasp, or that are hiding under the surface of the subconsciousness. Working with Izabela was one of the most enriching experiences I've ever had and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to get unstuck and to develop fast.”

Olga Magda HR Manager at Amazon

“I would like to recommend Izabela as a coach and business support for leaders. Izabela's wide knowledge and experience helped me to establish clear goals for my future career and supported me in difficult work-related decisions. Working with Izabela has had a significant impact on my development and efficiency as a leader, and I appreciate her support very much.”

Jakub Jarzyński Purchasing Operations & Master Data Manager at Japan Tobacco International

“Izabela has helped me to gain a better understanding of myself and other people and she showed me my strengths and weaknesses I wasn’t aware of before. She helped me remove the roadblocks which were hindering my progress and she motivated me to improve every day, to self-reflect and to be more open to feedback.”

Jens Sulzbacher Manager, tesa Werk Hamburg GmbH

“Izabela has very strong Coach competencies and she incorporates cutting-edge research findings, trends and knowledge in her work. Our sessions have prepared me well to be successful and efficient in my new leadership role. I hope when my new stretch assignment comes, I will be able to work with Izabela again to speed up my leadership transformation.”

Marek Nowakowski Senior Operation Manager Amazon

“Working with Izabela helped me understand the critical importance of the quality of communication for my leadership success. I’ve realized how I can build my brand, authority and credibility through communication that is clear, assertive and concise.”

Paweł Grzegorczyn Manager at Electrolux


Leadership Development

Good leadership can motivate us and bring out our best. Bad leaders do the opposite.

It is the quality of leadership that shapes the climate and the conditions in which we all work. It’s the leaders who have the biggest impact on their people’s engagement, job satisfaction and general well-being.

With our trainings we help leaders build the new skill-sets necessary to succedd in their roles in the post-Covid world. With the supporting coaching we offer leaders an honest look in the “reality mirror” to help them find their best leadership style, to gain strong self-awareness and to lead themselves and their people from the place of purpose and deep meaning.

Executive Presence

Leaders who have EP, naturally command respect and admiration and are seen as a genuine authority.

They have the ability to unite, engage, influence and inspire their teams. They can effectively take control of difficult, unpredictable situations with confidence, make tough decisions in a timely way and are respected and admired for their integrity and composure, even in the toughest situations.

Be a cut above the rest by learning to maximize your performance, open up new opportunities, and accelerate your career by developing powerful presence, gravitas and charisma.

Developing Women Leaders

Women are your future best employees and the most effective leaders.

Research shows that investing in women leaders is investing in the success of your business. The development programs designed for women help them develop the skills necessary to perform and lead with confidence, to be taken seriously, and to build trust and respect within their teams.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching is rapidly becoming one of the most important skills in management. Essentially, it is the coaching skills that will set apart the leaders from the managers.

In this training, managers learn how to do the hard things that come with leadership in a human way.

They gain better understanding of human behavior, learn how to have difficult converstions with empathy, learn to lead from curiosity, give feedback without judgement, and to prevent and resolve conflict with courage and compassion.

Join the Respected Leader Program

A program where you will learn the most important skills and mindset that will set you apart from the crowd as a charismatic, powerful and respect leader.

Inside the Respected Leader Program you will learn how to:


Power Skills

The most important set of skills emerging in this age of Fourth Industrial Revolution world is the soft skills set.

Post-COVID, proficiency in soft skills is a must, especially as data-centric roles and the importance of virtual communication channels increase.

People and companies need to up-level their soft skills and evolve their mindset to meet the demands of the new realities of work.

Currently, due to the profound importance and impact on the success of all businesses and all professionals the soft skills have been rebranded by experts as the “power skills”.

Typical topics of power skills trainings include:


Global Teams & VIMTs*

*Virtual, International, Multicultural Teams

Cross-cultural competencies lead to higher profit, innovative teams, and less conflict. They have been named one of the 10 most important future work skills by the Institute for the Future.

As an expat and an immigrant with two nationalities, three working languages and experience of living and working in three countries so far (my native Poland, the USA and now Germany) I have personally experienced the impact of the cultural shock and the importance of cultural adaptation and skills.

The cross-cultural trainings are custom-made and teach your teams the important differences in culture-influenced areas such as leadership, decision making, approach to deadlines, conflict resolution, persuading and trust-building.

Typical topics include:
Cross-Cultural Competence

This set of skills is especially important post-COVID, as teams are increasingly VIM (Virtual, International, Multicultural).

The goal is to increase the cultural awarenes and competence of your international and multi-cultural teams, increase their effectiveness, improve their preformance and reduce the time- and money-consuming conflicts and misunderstandings.

Not sure which training you need? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Let’s talk about the right training for you and your team. Book a free strategy call and get the best solutions to get ahead by developing the relevant power skills.

Skills and tools are just the operational factors of success. The biggest factor is your mindset.

This is where coaching creates an exponential impact.

Coaching can help you rewire your mindset and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviours such as people pleasing, perfectionism or procrastination. It can remove the limiting beliefs blocking your success, such as the fear of self-promotion or the impostor syndrome.

It takes a coach to evoke lasting transformation.

Leadership Development

Step into your unique leadership style, maximize your influence and lead your teams with authority and confidence.

Hi, I’m Izabela.

Your trainer and coach.

I am an executive coach, leadership development specialist and business communication expert with 16 years of experience in assisting and training leaders and teams of globally operating companies.

I specialize in executive presence, leadership development, assertive communication skills, cross-cultural competence, soft skills, and women empowerment and leadership.

Online Program

Join the Respected Leader Program

A program where you will learn the most important skills and mindset that will set you apart from the crowd as a charismatic, powerful, and respected leader.


6 Ways to Give and Receive Effective Feedback

Get access to the top 6 advice on how to give feedback people can actually use and how to receive feedback about your own work.